Pubg mobile new update 1.7.0 season 22

Pubg mobile new update 1.7.0 season 22

There has been a lot of talk around PUBG Mobile over the last few days and we look forward to seeing a new version of this game. Pubg mobile new update 1.7.0 season 22

In fact, we also learned that despite this ban, the global version of the game is still working.

However, we have a new version of the game coming soon called PUBG Mobile India and there will be some changes in the game related India.

Ever since this version of the game was announced, many players have wondered if their player statistics and the global version of the game play a new game in the game.


Well, there are some reports that claim that all player purchases in the state and game are actually taking on the new version. Will

This means that Indian players who will soon start playing PUBG mobile will not have to worry about grinding again from scratch.

Upon logging in to the Indian version, players will get their IDs back from the global version.

There is also a video that migrates to a newer version of the player’s identity game, although we’re not entirely sure if it’s legal or not. You can check it out below.

This is really big news and we hope it is not just a rumor. When you log in to the new version, it will have to return your player ID and account statistics.

We haven’t heard directly from the giants yet, so we suggest you go for official confirmation.

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Pubg mobile new update 1.7.0 season 22

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