Pubg mobile new update 2021, survival horror game, and animated series

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PEBG Battle Royale game maker Krafton is preparing to go public in South Korea as it plans to expand its game universe. And an important part of this expansion is the release of a new game that will be based heavily on the Battle of the Unknown player in 2021. There will also be a survival horror game in which Crafton can already work, and finally, an animated series that will be released on series services. Pubg mobile new update

Kim Chang-Han of Crafton, who developed PUBG IP in his startup called Bluethole before selling South Korea’s Krafton, where he also joined as an executive producer, told Bloomberg that Krafton now calls itself an I.P. Reading for PO. And while few are confident of a successful start to the stock market – a startup valued at more than KRW 30 trillion (approximately $ 27.2 billion), they are “committed” to expanding the company’s game portfolio. ” Is. “We’re not going to be surprised,” Kim told Bloomberg.

There will be a new PubGG-like game for both PC and console, which will be developed by Kim. Whether or not there will be a mobile counterpart for this game A recent report suggests that the company is developing a sequel to the mobile version of PUBG called PUBG Mobile 2. So far, not much is known about the game, except for the fact that it will be based on combat strategy.

Pubg mobile new update 2021

Pub Mobile, a mobile version of the Player Unknown platform, is the highest-earning mobile game in the world. However, in July last year, PUBG Mobile was banned in India for security reasons. Now, PUBG Corporation, operating under Corbett, is pushing for the re-launch of the game in India with censored features.

In addition to the Royal Game, they are said to be working on a survival horror game called “The Callisto Protocol”. According to an interview with Bloomberg, it could be released in 2022. According to a media report, the game will be somewhat similar to PUBG as it will feature “PUBG universe in the future three centuries” and according to a media report, developed by Striking Distance Studio. A Bloomberg report states that Crafton is creating an animated show “will also be uploaded to a series of services” and is creating a web cartoon.

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Pubg mobile new update 2021
pubg mobile new update Hack

All of these sports strategies will have the intellectual property of PUBG which the company will take advantage of to create “a big franchise”. Player Unknown Battlefield, or PUBG, was released in 2017 and has never been targeted for worldwide fame. According to the company, it has sold more than 70 million copies on PCs and consoles, while the mobile version of the game has been downloaded more than 600 million times.

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