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Pubg mobile hack

Pubg mobile hack free

Tencent released its anti-fraud report today, January 15-21. The company revealed that it has banned 988,533 accounts from using hacks in PUBG Mobile in just one week. Pubg mobile hack free

The most commonly used type of fraud was an auto-purpose hack that accounted for 28% of all banned accounts. About 21% of hackers were reversing damage to the area, 18% were using X-ray vision, 14% were using speed hacks, and 11% were modifying character models. Tencent revealed in its report that 8% of hackers were banned for “other” reasons.

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As expected, most hackers were bronze. The definitive error in the rows of prohibited accounts is:

Bronze: 38%

Silver: 12%

Gold: 10%

Platinum: 10%

Diamond: 12%

Crown: 10%

Ace: Seven percent

Winner: One percent

Tencent releases an anti-fraud report every week to inform players that action is being taken against hackers. Last week, the company said in a report that 1,217,342 accounts were banned on fraud charges.

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Recently, Season 17 of PUBG Mobile, called Rink Power, started. It introduced a new Royal Pass, comprising the Rep. Dawn and the Deadly Skill organizations, ranked 60th. At 100 degrees, the Guardian Armor Set can be unlocked.

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Pubg mobile hack
Pubg mobile hack


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